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Shared Info Databases

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Ultra Recall allows multiple users to open the same Info Database (located on a network share or shared folder) simultaneously for editing.  The first user to select an item will be able to edit that item, but that item will be locked from editing (read-only) for all other users until the first user selects another item or closes the database.  For all items being edited by other users, a lock indicator will be displayed over the item's icon in the Data Explorer pane, and when a locked item is selected, the READ indicator in the status bar will be enabled and the user will not be allowed to modify or delete the item.



Additions, updates, and deletions by other users may not be visible until the display is refreshed (Tree | Refresh All on the menu or Shift+F5).
Remote users will need LAN type network speed for reasonable performance when accessing a remote database.  One option when only a slower link is available (i.e., VPN or dialup) is remote access software (Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, PCAnywhere, WinVNC, etc.).  Another option is to copy the .urd file onto a local drive or USB stick for offline viewing/editing and copying back to the server path when LAN access is available again (if it was modified).
Available in Professional edition only.