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Copying/Moving between Info Databases

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Info Items can be copied or moved between different Info Databases using Drag & Drop or Copy and Paste.


When dragging Info Items between different Info Databases (simultaneously open in two instances of Ultra Recall), focus the destination Info Database (if it isn't currently visible) by hovering over its taskbar icon momentarily to focus it.  The Data Explorer Pane will scroll up or down (or expand as necessary) to the desired drop location by hovering at the top or bottom (or over the Info Item that needs expand).


When the copied/moved Info Items are based on Derived Templates not in the destination Info Database, the related Derived Templates (and any associated Attributes) will be copied automatically to the destination Info Database.


Copying Info Items between Info Databases is also the way to copy user-created Attributes between Info Databases.  When an Info Item containing Item Attributes for any custom Attribute is copied to a different database, these custom Attributes are also copied.  If the Info Item is deleted in the destination Info Database after the copy, the Attributes that were created will not be deleted.


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