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Select Source

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The Select Source page is where you select the specific import type information you intend to import into Ultra Recall.



The next Import Dialog page displayed depends on your selection on this page.  Use the links below to view the specific details on the various import types:

Internet Explorer favorites (same as A folder but defaulting to the Favorites folder)
Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla bookmarks
My Documents (same as A folder but defaulting to the My Documents folder)
A folder
A web page
A delimited text file (such as CSV files)
A text or rich text (RTF) file
An XML file (OPML)
An ActionOutline file
A TreePad file
An mbox file


Use saved settings: All the wizard settings from a previously saved import session can be loaded by choosing the named set in this combo box (<Default> is the name of the default set). Note: This feature is available in the Professional edition only, and only when running in non-USB mode.


Note: Importing of CSV, XML, and splitting of text/RTF files available in Professional edition only.