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Go Menu

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The Go menu contents:


Menu Actions

Action Descriptions


Navigate to the previously selected Info Item


Navigate to the next selected Info Item

Up One Level

Navigate up one level from currently selected Info Item

Previous Match

Go to the previous search match (the previous search result or highlighted match in item text)

Next Match

Go to the next search match (the next search result or next highlighted match in item text)

Previous Item

Navigate to the previous Info Item in the current Pane

Next Item

Navigate to the next Info Item in the current Pane

Previous Sibling

Navigate to the previous sibling Info Item

Next Sibling

Navigate to the next sibling Info Item

First Sibling

Navigate to the first sibling Info Item

Last Sibling

Navigate to the last sibling Info Item

[List of forward/back history]

The Item Titles of up to 25 Info Items from both the Forward and Back navigation choices