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Drag and Drop within Ultra Recall

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Drag and Drop can be used for all information management tasks in Ultra Recall.  You can drag and drop items within the Data Explorer Pane, the Search Pane, from the Related Items Pane to other panes, in the Item Details of a Text item, and even between Info Databases.


An internal drag and drop action can move, link or duplicate existing Info Items in Ultra Recall.  Holding Shift when dragging in the Data Explorer Pane will allow reordering of sibling Info Items (Info Items under the same parent Info Item).


You can drag and drop with the left or right mouse button, but each works slightly different:

Left button drag: When you drag with the left mouse button, the default drop behaviour is to Move the selected Info Items.  You can override this default behaviour (when applicable) by using several keyboard overrides when you drop:
Alt key: Create a new link to the selected Info Item [Logical Linking]
Ctrl key: Create a new Info Item identical to the source Info Items at the new location (Copy).
Shift key: same as default behaviour (move)


Right button drag: When you drag with the right mouse button, when you drop a menu with the different choices is presented for your selection.


Drag & Drop between different Ultra Recall Info Databases: Drag and drop between different Ultra Recall Info Databases is fully supported (you can only move or copy Info Items between different Info Databases).

Note: If the instance of Ultra Recall you wish to drop in is not visible, simply hover the mouse over the task bar icon for that instance of Ultra Recall, and after a slight delay it will be focused, allowing you to complete the drop operation (or use Alt+Tab while dragging to activate the desired instance).


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