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Customization Persistence

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Default Configuration: The template of an Info Item determines the default "layout" of the Related Items Pane when it is displayed (only when a single Info Item is selected in a Primary Selection Pane).


"Layout" Persistence: When the layout of an Info Item is customized, Ultra Recall remembers the layout you define, and associates it with the selected Info Item.  When you later re-select this Info Item, the Related Items Pane will show the child Info Items (or Search Results if the selected Info Item is a Saved Search) using this same "layout".


Changing the Default Related Items Pane layout for a template:

Directly: You can simply select the desired Template Info Item in the Data Explorer Pane, then customize the Related Items Pane as desired.
From a Item based on the Template: If you have already customized the Related Items Pane layout of an item and wish to make its layout become the default for its template, you can simply right-click on the header row of the Related Items Pane, then click on Set as   Default.  This will update the template (and all items based on it using the default layout) to the displayed Related Items Pane layout.


Reverting a customized layout back to the default: Right-click on the header row of the Related Items Pane, and choose Restore to Default.  This will discard any customizations previously done to the Related Items Pane for the selected Info Item, and restore it to the layout defined by the assigned Template.


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