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Exporting to CSV (delimited file)

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One of the export formats provided in Ultra Recall is CSV File.  You can export to a CSV file using the Export Wizard, or from the Related Items Pane using the Copy Grid Values command.  More detail about each method is described below.


Using the Export Wizard: the Export Wizard allows you to export some or all of the attribute values for the Info Items as currently specified by the Selection Pane.


From the Related Items Pane using the Copy Grid Values command: The Related Items Pane displays Info Item attribute values in a grid, with each row representing an Info Item, each column contains an attribute's value for that Info Item.  In this pane you can select the desired attributes (columns) for display, sorting them as desired.  Using the Copy Grid Values command (available on the Item menu, by right-clicking a cell in the pane, or with a keyboard shortcut [the default is Ctrl+Shift+C]).  The data will be placed on the clipboard tab-delimited, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet application or any program accepting tabular data.


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