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Assigning to Info Items

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Attributes are created and managed using the Attributes Editor and are then assigned to Info Items as a way to store additional information about an Info Item in a searchable, structured way.


You assign Attributes by simply inserting a new row in the Item Attributes Pane (this can even be done when multiple Info Items are selected).


Procedure to assign a new Attribute to an existing Info Item:

Switch focus to the Item Attributes Pane (click in this pane with the mouse or hit Ctrl+4)
Hit the Insert keyboard key (or use Edit | Insert from the menu)
Choose an existing Attribute name, or enter a new name (this will create a new attribute)
Click on OK


Note: the same procedure is used to assign Attributes to Template Info Items.  Any Attributes assigned to a Template will automatically be added to new Info Items created from that Template.


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