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VisBuildPro Project Action Project Tab

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This tab of the VisBuildPro Project action specifies the project to build and launch settings.


Filename: The filename of the project to build (required).


Note: When a VisBuildPro Project action is selected in a Step pane, View | Shell on menu (or right-click menu) can be used to launch the chained project in Visual Build.


Profile: Specifies a build profile for the build (optional).  Only the steps with a profile matching the build profile (or steps with a blank profile having an ancestor step whose profile matches) will be included in the build.


Mode: Which command-line app to launch.  If Match build context is selected, if the step is built from the GUI App, another instance of the GUI App will be launched; if built from the Console App, the Console App will be launched to build the chained project.  If the GUI App is launched and the build is single-stepped (F10) for the action, the child project will be started with debugging (single-step) as well.


Run GUI App in silent mode: Adds the /s switch to the GUI App command-line.


Note: Check this option and uncheck Don't close GUI App if build fails to cause the chained instance to exit on build failure.


Pause at first step for debugging: Adds the /d switch to the GUI App command-line.  When chaining to a project on the local computer, this flag will also be added automatically if the VisBuildPro Project step is single-stepped.


Don't close GUI App if build fails: Adds the /f switch to the GUI App command-line.  Normally, when silent mode is specified, the chained app closes on a failure; this option can be used to override that behavior.


Capture output: If checked, any output that the chained Visual Build instance writes to standard output will be captured and logged.



The console app writes its output to standard output, but the GUI app does not (since it is a Windows application), so output can only be capture from the console app.
This option does not apply if the Wait for completion option on the Advanced tab is unchecked.


Password: Specifies the project password used for encrypted protected properties (optional).


Create Scheduled Task: Click this button to automatically create a Scheduled Task using all the settings configured for the step.  Any changes to the step will be applied before the task is created.