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Scheduling Builds

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The Windows scheduling services can be used to perform scheduling builds to run once at a specific time or on a regular basis.  This topic describes the steps to configure a scheduled build.  It is a good idea to enable file logging so that, if necessary, the build output can be examined for any errors after the build has completed.  The console or GUI command-line apps can be used for scheduled builds; the GUI app requires interactive desktop access, while the console app does not.


Note: When initially configuring a scheduled build, the build may function correctly when launched interactively but fail to build from the scheduling services.  This is usually because the user account that the scheduled build runs under does not have the necessary rights to open the project file, access computer or network resources, etc.  If this occurs, the application may also be unable to display any error message or dialog to the user.  In this situation, check the Windows Application Event Viewer (available in Administrative Tools), as any errors during startup of the console or GUI app will be written to the Event Log (if the necessary rights are available).


Automatic Setup


Manual Setup