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VisBuildPro Project Action Parameters Tab

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This tab of the VisBuildPro Project action specifies macro values to pass to the chained project.


Macros: Allows the entry of macros to assign as temporary macros when calling the chained project.  Macros entered in the value field will be expanded before passing to the chained project (enter double percent signs if the macro should be evaluated within the chained project instead).


Enter macro name and its value in the edit fields, and click Insert to add to the list.  Select an item in the list to update its value or delete it from the list.


Also pass through macros provided on the command-line: If checked, any macros passed to the current instance of Visual Build on the command-line will be passed to the chained project.


Install path: Used to specify the installation path of Visual Build (on the remote computer) if it is installed to a different path than on the local computer (optional).


Options: Specify any additional command-line options or additional macros to pass.