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Service Action Service Tab

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This tab of the Service action specifies information about the service and operation.


Computer: The name of the computer to start or stop a service on (optional; blank for local computer).


Service: The display name of the service to start or stop (required).  Click Refresh to populate the drop-down list of services for the selected computer.


Operation: The operation to perform on the service (Start, Stop, Pause, Resume, Query status, Create, Configure, Delete).  For the Query status operation, the service status (1 = stopped, 2 = start pending, 3 = stop pending, 4 = running, 5 = continue pending, 6 = pause pending, 7 = paused) is stored in the SERVICE_STATUS temporary macro, and the service startup type (0 = boot, 1 = System start, 2 = Automatic, 3 = Manual, 4 = Disabled) is stored in the SERVICE_START_TYPE temporary macro.


Timeout: The maximum amount of time to wait for the service to perform the operation (optional; defaults to 100 retries on wait hint provided by service if blank or 0).


Username: Specifies the user account that will be used to connect to the service database (optional).  If blank, the current user identity will be used.  To specify a domain, use the format domain@username.


Password: Specifies the password of the user account (optional).