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Project Logging Tab

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This tab configures project-level file log settings for a build.


Project-level file logging: When checked, all build output is also written to the specified log file.  Use the Browse button to choose a file, View to view the current log file in the configured viewer, and Delete to delete the log file if it exists.  If enabled, these settings will override the global settings for the current project; otherwise the global settings will be used.


Log Filename: The name of the log file to write build output to if file logging is enabled (this value is stored in the project macro LOGFILE if logging enabled).  This field can contain macros or script expressions.



These settings can also be overridden by a temporary LOGFILE macro passed on the command-line when the project is built.
Other file logging options, including the file format (text or XML), are configured in Application options.
Enter an empty string for the log filename to disable file logging for the current project even if it is enabled globally.