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Advanced Installer Options Tab

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This tab of the Advanced Installer action specifies additional options.


Do not build project: If checked, the project will not be compiled, and changes to the project specified on the Project tab will be processed.


Force build: If checked, builds the project even if up-to-date (does not apply with no build).


Commands to execute: Specifies one or more commands to perform, one per line (optional).  The available commands are documented in the Advanced Installer help file under Using Advanced Installer -> Command Line -> Editing.  Additionally, these additional commands can be specified:

Save - Saves the project.
Build - Builds the project.
Rebuild - Performs a clean rebuild of the project.
ResetSig - Resets the digital signature. The effect of this command is equivalent to unchecking the option "Sign the package" in the Digital Signature page. This is useful for instance in release candidate builds when signing the package and/or installation files is not required.




SetVersion 1.2

AddFile APPDIR\MyFolder C:\Folder\File.txt

SetProperty TESTPROP="TestValue"




Ignore errors when executing commands: If checked, all errors are displayed when executing commands, but the execution of the commands file is not interrupted.


Additional command-line options: Use this field to enter any additional command-line flags to be passed to the Advanced Installer command-line compiler (optional).


Compiler executable filename: Use this field to specify the Advanced Installer compiler executable if the action is unable to locate it or multiple versions are installed (optional).  If not specified, the executable is located automatically.