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Vault Action Flags Tab

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This tab of the Vault action specifies additional flags about the command.


Flags that apply only for get, getlabel, getversion, and getwildcard commands of Vault 2.x and later


Get all folders regardless of cloak status: Ignores folder cloak status.  Applies only for get, getversion, and getwildcard commands.


Make files writeable: Make all files writeable after retrieval.


Make files read-only: Make all files read-only after retrieval.



Other flags


Do not process folders recursively: If this option is checked, only the specified folder(s) will be processed and not any subfolders.  This option only applies to the diff, get, getlabel, getversion, getwildcard, listfolder, and undocheckout commands.


Set date/time of local files: Specifies the timestamp placed on files that are retrieved from the repository. Current will give each file the current local computer's date/time; Modification will set the date/time to match the timestamp of the file version that is retrieved (recommended), and Checkin will set the date/time to the date/time when the file was checked into Vault.  This flag applies only for the get, getlabel, getversion, getwildcard, and checkout commands.


Merge behavior: Specifies the action to take when updating a local file with new content. Automatic will attempt to merge changes from the server (applies only to get and getwildcard commands); Later will not overwrite existing, modified files, and Overwrite will overwrite the local file with the server's file.  This option applies only for the checkout, get, getlabel, getversion, getwildcard, and checkout commands.


Commit unchanged action: Specifies the action to perform on an unchanged, checked out file during commit. Checkin will check the file in unmodified; Leave will leave the file checked out; and Undo checkout will undo the checkout of the file.  This option applies only for the commit command.


Keep checked out: All files remain checked out upon commit (applies only to commit command).


Exclusive checkout: Checks out items exclusively (applies only to checkout command).


Commit changes: By default, the following commands append the specified actions to the pending change set: add, createfolder, delete, move, pin, rename, share, unpin.  Items in the pending change set do not take effect until the commit command is used to commit them to the server.  However, each of the above commands accepts the -commit option, which causes that change to be committed immediately.