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Vault Action Command Tab

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This tab of the Vault action configures repository and command information.


Command: The Vault / Fortress command to perform (required).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list.  Other operations may also work but are not explicitly supported.


Note: For the branch, commit, delete, get, label, and share commands, enter the target repository folder or additional repository paths as the first parameters of the Additional command-line options field on the Options tab.


Repository: The name of the Vault / Fortress repository to operate on (required for most commands).


Repository paths or files to process: One or more Vault / Fortress paths, masks, or filenames to perform the command on, each on a separate line (optional).  Folder names are prefixed with $ and use slashes rather than backslashes for folder delimiters.


Note: For the diff command, enter the both objects to compare in this field, each on a separate line; for the undochangesetitem command, enter the changeset item id here.


Path for local files/destination folder: This specifies the drive+path to place files that are retrieved from the database (optional).  If the field is left empty, the user's current working folder settings will be used instead (for reliability, especially with automated builds, it is highly recommended that the path be specified here).


Note: For the batch command, enter the filename containing the batch commands here; for the move, rename, and share commands, enter the destination repository folder here.


Version/Wildcard/Label/Line Number: The version to use for pin and getversion commands (optional), the wildcard to use for the getwildcard command, the label to get on for the getlabel and label commands, or the line number to search for the blame command.