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Subversion Action Switches Tab

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This tab of the Subversion action is for specifying global SVN switches.


Quiet mode: Requests that the client print only essential information while performing an operation.


Dry run: Goes through all the motions of running a command, but makes no actual changes.


Force command to run: Forces a particular command or operation to run.


XML output format: Prints output in XML format.


Verbose mode: Requests that the client print out as much information as it can while running any subcommand.


Non-interactive mode: If checked, the step will fail instead of prompting for missing inputs (applies only for svn.exe).


Recursive: Forces subcommand to operate recursively.


Keep changelist after commit: Don't delete changelist after commit.


Keep local copy of file or directory after delete: Keep the local copy of a file or directory (used with the delete subcommand).


Don't print differences for deleted files: Prevents Subversion from printing differences for deleted files. The default behavior when you remove a file is for the diff subcommand to print the same differences that you would see if you had left the file but removed all the content.


Show omitted files: Shows files in the status listing that would normally be omitted since they match a pattern in the global-ignores configuration option or the svn:ignore property.


Don't automatically unlock files: Don't automatically unlock files (the default commit behavior is to unlock all files listed as part of the commit).


Create and add non-existent and non-versioned parent subdirectories: Create and add non-existent or non-versioned parent subdirectories to the working copy or repository as part of an operation. This is useful for automatically creating multiple subdirectories where none currently exist. If performed on a URL, all the directories will be created in a single commit.


Ignore external definitions: Tells Subversion to ignore external definitions and the external working copies managed by them.