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Subversion Action Subcommand Tab

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This tab of the Subversion action is used to provide information about the Subversion subcommand to be performed.


Subcommand: The subcommand to perform on the repository (required).  Select or enter the subcommand to use.  See the Subversion Complete Reference for a description and details on available subcommands.


Executable: The Subversion command-line executable to invoke.  Subversion provides multiple command-line programs, each providing different functionality.  The subcommand list will be populated based on the subcommands available for the selected executable.


Files/modules to process: Many of the Subversion subcommands require one or more files or modules (one per line) to operate on (optional).  These files or modules are entered in this field.  If left blank, all files are matched.


Run only in current directory: By default, all subcommands are processed recursively.  To operate only on the root directory specified (non-recursive), check this option.


Property name: The name of the property to operate on (optional).  Applies only for prop* commands.


Revision to operate on: For many subcommands, specifies a specific revision or tag to use (optional).  If left blank, the most recent revision is used.  See the SVN book's Revisions topic for valid revision strings.


Operate on revision property instead of file- or directory-specific property: Operates on a revision property instead of a property specific to a file or directory. This option requires that you also specify a Revision in the previous field.


Working directory for local files: Specifies the local or current directory that will be used when invoking Subversion (optional).  Where files will be retrieved to or pulled from when processing subcommands.  If specified, the action will also create the folder if it doesn't exist.  If left blank, the currently directory of VisBuildPro will be used.


Log message: Specifies a commit message to be logged in the repository (optional).