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Subversion Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Subversion action is for specifying additional global options.  Several common options have predefined values, and any other options can be entered in the additional options field (see the svn Options topic for details on available global options).


Ignore ancestry when calculating differences: Tells Subversion to ignore ancestry when calculating differences (rely on path contents alone).


Pay attention to ancestry when calculating differences: Pay attention to ancestry when calculating differences.


Incremental output: Prints output in a format suitable for concatenation.


Stop harvesting information when a copy is encountered: Causes a Subversion subcommand which is traversing the history of a versioned resource to stop harvesting that historical information when a copy--that is, a location in history where that resource was copied from another location in the repository--is encountered.


Changelists: Operate only on members of the specified changelists (optional).


Max messages: Show only the first X log messages..


Additional switches: Allows for any additional Subversion switches (optional).  See the Subversion book for details on available switches.


Location of Subversion command-line tools: The path containing the Subversion command-line executables (optional).  If the executable is located in a path in the PATH environment variable, this field can be blank.  To specify the full path to the executable (so its location doesn't need to be in the PATH), enter or browse to the full path and filename in this field or define a project or global macro, set it to the full path and filename for svn.exe, and reference it here.