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Property Property

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Sets or returns a raw property value by name.




Step.Property(ByVal name As String) As Variant


Sets or returns the property value.  For non-array properties, it can be a Boolean value (check fields), a Long value (drop-down list combo or radio button fields), or a String value (string fields or properties holding a field override value).  For array properties (grid fields), the returned value is a variant array with a lower bound of 0.


To determine the name of each property for a built-in custom action, create a step for that action in the GUI, save the project, open the .bld file in a text editor, and examine the elements under that step element in the file.  The type of a property indicates the data type of the value (3 = integer, 8 = string, 11 = Boolean).





       Step object



       Required. Name of step property to set or retrieve (case-sensitive matching).  If the property does not exist, Missing is returned.


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