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PropertyEx Property

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Returns the raw property value, converting to the specified type.




Step.PropertyEx(ByVal name As String, ByVal varType As VarType) As Variant


Returns the property value.  For non-array properties, it can be a Boolean value (properties for checkbox fields), a Long value (properties for drop-down list combo or radio button fields), or a String value (properties for string fields or properties holding a field override value).  For array properties, the returned value is a variant array with a lower bound of 0.


To determine the name of each property for a built-in custom action, create a step for that action in the GUI, save the project, open the .bld file in a text editor, and examine the elements under that step element in the file.





       Step object



       Required. Name of step property to set or retrieve (case-sensitive matching).  If the property does not exist, Missing is returned.



       Required. Variant type to convert expanded value to before returning.  Use vbBoolean for checkbox properties, vbLong for radio button or drop-down combo properties, and vbString for all other property types.


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