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This tab of the user options dialog configures print / print preview and backup options.


Print format: Specifies whether the active pane or a detailed project report (including all step types and properties, macros, and project comments) will be printed.


Include all macros and global subroutine steps in output: If unchecked, only the project macros and steps are printed; if checked, all macros (temporary, project, global, and system) and any global subroutine steps are printed.


Show extended step properties: Determines whether custom step properties for each step are displayed.  If unchecked, only the standard step properties are printed.


Font: Configures the font to use in the printed output.


Create a backup file when saving projects: If checked and a valid backup path entered, each time a project is saved, the previous copy of the project file is backed up.  Any modified global application data files will also be backed up before saving (when a project is saved or Visual Build exits).


Backup file directory: The path to save backup files in.


Number of backups to keep: Specifies the number of recent backup copies to keep.


Note: Backup files are saved with a numeric (i.e., .1) extension.  To use a backup file, remove the numeric extension from the filename and open the file or copy it to the desired location.