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ExpProperty Property

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Returns a step property with all macros and script expanded.




Step.ExpProperty(ByVal builder As Builder, ByVal name As String, Optional ByVal varType As VarType = vbString) As Variant





       Step object



       Builder object (required).



       Required. Name of step property to retrieve (case-sensitive matching).  If the property does not exist, Missing is returned.


Note: To determine the name of each property for a built-in custom action, create a step for that action in the GUI, save the project, open the .bld file in a text editor, and examine the elements under that step element in the file.



       Optional (defaults to vbString/VT_BSTR). Variant type to convert expanded value to before returning.  Use vbBoolean/VT_BOOL (11) for checkbox properties, vbLong/VT_I4 (3) for radio button or drop-down combo properties, and vbString/VT_BSTR (8) for all other property types.


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