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Make Delphi Action Versions Tab

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This tab of the Make Delphi action configures what version settings to apply to the projects being processed.  It can set or increment project versions in the project file, the resource file's VERSIONINFO resource, DOF file (Win32 Delphi projects), and .NET attributes in the .dpr/.dpk files or AssemblyInfo file to values that you specify.  The assembly version checkbox applies only for .NET projects.


Increment Version: The increment version option will increment the project version.  This ensures that your installs work correctly and copy updated files when comparing the file version.  The FileVersion and/or ProductVersion fields can be are incremented.  Normally, the Build number (last number) is incremented, but the Revision number (3rd number) can be incremented instead by checking that checkbox.


Set Version: The set version option will set the project version to the specified value.  This is useful if you want your executables to be marked with a specific build number.  The version should be entered in the format (e.g., The version in the project's RC file(s) is updated before building.  The raw version will be stored in the required "9, 9, 9, 9" format, while the string version will be stored exactly as entered.


When using the Increment or Set Version radio button, either one or both of the File or Product version checkboxes should be checked to indicate which version(s) to increment or set.


Note: To set different values for the version fields, create multiple Make Delphi steps for a single project/group, with the first having its Don't build field checked; then set the file version field in one step and the product version (and assembly version if desired) in other steps.  These steps could be placed in a subroutine and called multiple times if this functionality was needed for multiple projects or groups.