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Make Delphi Action Project/Group Tab

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This tab of the Make Delphi action configures information about the Delphi project or group to be built.


Filename: The Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, or Turbo project, package or group file to build.  Individual .bdsproj, .dpr, .dpk, .dpkw, .dproj, .cbproj, .proj project files and .bdsgroup, .groupproj, and .bpg project group files are supported.


Don't build: Does not build any projects, but updates other settings such as versions and project properties.


Update project .res file: If checked, updates the project .res file with any property or version changes (applies only when Don't build is checked -- when building, the .res file will also be updated with version and property changes).  If unchecked, only the property and version information in source files (project file, .rc, .dof) will be updated when not building.


Force build: Forces a build of all projects (applies only to Delphi/BDS 8.0 and greater) rather than a make.


Continue building projects on build failure: Continue building other projects if a project in a group fails to build (applies only for Delphi 7 earlier).


Log a list of failed projects when done building: If any projects fail to build and the continue build option is checked, each failed project is logged at the end of the custom action (applies only to project groups for Delphi 7 and earlier).


Update DOF file with any property or version changes: If checked, in addition to updating a custom .rc file's VERSIONINFO resource with any version/property changes, the .dof file is also updated with any changes, and any properties/versions not specified by the action are read from the .dof file and updated in the custom .rc file.


Restore read-only attribute of any files modified by action: If checked, any project files modified for the build (to set/increment versions, properties, etc.) which are marked read-only before modification will be set back to read-only after being modified.


Configuration to build: The configuration to build (applies only to Delphi 2007 and later when building with MSBuild).


Platform to build: The platform to build (applies only to Delphi 2007 and later when building with MSBuild).