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CVS Action Command Tab

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This tab of the CVS action configures the CVS command and its options.


Command: The command to perform on the repository (required).  Pre-defined commands include add, annotate, checkout, commit, diff, export, history, import, init, log, rdiff, release, remove, rtag, status, tag, update, and version.  Other CVS commands can also be entered.


Files/modules to process: (Optional) Many of the CVS commands require one or more files or modules (separated by spaces) to operate on.  These files or modules are entered in this field.  If left blank, all files are matched.  For the rtag and tag commands, this must be the tag name followed by any files (. for all files); for the import command, enter repository vendor-tag release-tags (see the import sources topic for more details).


Run only in current working directory: By default, all commands are processed recursively.  To operate only on the root directory specified (non-recursive), check this option.


Revision or tag to operate on: (Optional) For many commands, specifies a specific revision or tag to use.  If left blank, the most recent revision is used.


Note: Normally, prefixing revision field with D treats the rest of the value as a date.  To prevent this behavior, check the Do not interpret revision field starting with D as date option on the global options tab.


Working directory for local files: Specifies the local or current directory that will be used when invoking the CVS tool (optional).  Where files will be retrieved to or pulled from when processing commands.  If specified, the action will also create the folder if it doesn't exist.  If left blank, the currently directory of VisBuildPro will be used.


Log message: For import, add, or commit commands, specifies a message to be logged in the repository (optional).  To specify an empty message value, enter two double quotes ("") in this field.  If no message value is entered, CVS will open a text editor for providing the message value.


Additional command options: Allows for any additional CVS command options to be entered and passed through to cvs.exe (optional).