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CVS Action Global Options Tab

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This tab of the CVS action specifies global CVS options.


This tab is for specifying global CVS options.  Several common options have predefined values, and any other options can be entered in the additional options field (see the Global Options topic for details on available global options).


Quiet mode: Specifies the somewhat quiet mode of CVS.


Make checked-out files read-only: Normally, local files are made writeable (CVS works differently than SourceSafe -- the checkout command is more like a VSS Get operation, and local files can be modified at will, and then updated via the commit command).  To make local files writeable, check this option.


Encrypt all communication: Encrypts all communication between client and server.


Network traffic compression level: Valid values are 0 (none) through 9 (highest compression).


Do not change files: Only issue reports, do not remove, update, or merge any existing files or create any new files.


Trace program execution: Logs additional information while processing a command.


Do not interpret revision field starting with D as date: If checked, a revision value on the Command tab starting with a D will not be treated as a date.


Additional global options: Allows for any additional CVS global options to be entered and passed through to cvs.exe (optional).


Location of cvs.exe: (Optional) Defaults to cvs.exe if blank.  If cvs.exe is located in a path in the PATH environment variable, it will be found and used when this action is built.  To specify the full path to the executable (so its location doesn't need to be in the PATH), enter or browse to the full path and filename in this field or define a project or global macro, set it to the full path and filename for cvs.exe, and reference it here.