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CVS Action Repository Tab

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This tab of the CVS action specifies repository login settings.


Method: The access method to use when communicating with the repository (required).  Pre-defined methods are ext, fork, gserver, local, kserver, pserver, and sspi, or a custom access method can be entered.  The most common methods are local for local repositories and pserver for remote servers.


Host: The remote server hosting the repository (optional).  For instance,  Leave blank for local repositories.


Port: The port used when communicating with a remote repository (optional).


Path: The path to the repository to operate on.  For local repositories, this should be the full path (\\server\share[\path] or <drive>:\path1\[path2...]) to the folder containing the CVSHOME directory of the repository (and the Browse button can be used to locate the database).  For remote repositories, it will be the path to the repository as defined on the server.


Username: The username to login with (optional).  For remote repositories only.


Password: Password of the CVS username in the database (optional).


All of the above inputs are combined into a valid repository string in the form :method:[[user][:password]@]hostname[:[port]]/path/to/repository

(see the Remote Repositories topic for more details).