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ADO Action Command Tab

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This tab of the ADO action configures the SQL statement to be executed and how to process the results.


SQL statement: The SQL statement to execute.


Note: Bracket characters [ ] and percent sign % characters within this field must be doubled up (just as in any other field), since these are normally interpreted by  Visual Build as referencing script code and macros within a field.


Ignore special characters: If checked, the above processing of special characters for macro references and script expressions will not be performed and escaping (doubling) will not be needed.


Statement returns results: If checked, the results of the query will be stored in an ADO_RS temporary macro.  See the Server.bld sample for how to process the results within a build.


Macro name: The name of the temporary macro in which to store the ADO recordset object holding the query result (optional, defaults to ADO_RS if not specified).


Cursor location: Self-explanatory.


Cursor type: Self-explanatory.


Lock type: Self-explanatory.


Command timeout: Time, in seconds, to wait for a command to execute (optional, default is 30).