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ADO Action Connection Tab

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This tab of the ADO action specifies the database connection information.


Provider: The OLEDB provider to use (required).  Choose a provider from the drop-down list or enter a Connection String parameter value for one of the providers in this provider list).


Data Source: The database filename, path, name or URL (required).


Initial Catalog: The catalog or database name to connect to (optional).


Security: Either SQL Server integrated security can be used (for the SQL Server provider) or an explicit username and password can be specified if needed (if Use Windows authentication is checked, Windows authentication will be used rather than database authentication).


Additional connection properties: Use this grid to enter any custom connection string properties names/values (optional) required for your provider.  Enter a property name and its value in the edit fields, and click Insert to add to the list.  Select an item in the list to update its value or delete it from the list.