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Action Properties Dialog Component Tab

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This tab of the Action Properties dialog configures the actual logic of a user action.


Action type: Specifies how the action is implemented (either as script code or a COM component implementing the ICustomAction interface).


Script language: Specifies the script language for script actions.  Use the Script Editor button to enter or edit the action script code that will be executed when a step for the action is built.  The action code is implemented in a vbld_BuildStep function, and the return value of this function is used to indicate the success/failure build status of the action.  For VBScript, Jscript, and PerlScript languages, the vbld_BuildStep method's signature will be created automatically; for other languages, create the method signature using the syntax for that language.


ProgID: The programmatic identifier for component actions.


Runs program: If checked, it indicates this is a Run Program-derived action.  Two additional Advanced and Remote tabs will be displayed for the action in the Step Properties dialog, and these properties will be used when RunProgram or RunProgramEx is called by the action code.


Temporary macros created by the action: This defines a list of temporary macros (and their descriptions) that the action creates when built.  The macros in this list will be included in the Insert Macro dialog.