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Project Steps Pane

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The Project Steps pane contains the main steps that comprise a project.  Use this pane to add all the steps that will be performed during a build.


To add a new step, double-click an action on the Actions pane (use Insert on the Edit menu or press the Insert key to activate the Actions pane via the keyboard).  The step name can be edited in place by clicking twice on its label.  A check box column such as the Build column can be toggled by clicking on its check box.  To edit all properties for an existing step, choose the Properties button on the toolbar, the Properties Dialog or Properties Window item on the View menu, or press Enter.


Each step pane contains all the steps of that type.  Steps can be organized or grouped by indenting child steps below the parent steps by selecting one or more steps and choosing Move Left or Move Right from the Step menu.  Steps can be rearranged by left or right-dragging and dropping them to a new location, by using the Step menu items, or by using the associated keystrokes.  Double-click on a step or macro name to view its properties.  Click on the Build checkbox or the step's icon (or press the Space bar) to toggle inclusion of that step in the build (checking/unchecking a step also toggles the checkbox for any of any child steps unless the Shift key is held down when clicking).  Click in the BP column for a step to toggle a breakpoint for a step.


To quickly go to the build output for a step, choose Go To | Step Output from the menu bar.  If a step's default property is a filename or folder, it can be quickly opened in the associated application (Launch), viewed in the user-configured viewer (View), or opened in Explorer (Explore) by choosing Launch, View, or Explore from the View|Shell menus or pressing the associated shortcut key.


For complex projects, a step with child steps can be expanded or contracted to show or hide the child steps.  This is done by clicking on the plus or minus sign next to the step name, by choosing the menu item on the Step menu, or by pressing the left or right arrow key.