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Recover changes after system crash

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As outlined in the Editing Stored Documents Externally topic, editing stored content externally creates a temporary file for an external application to edit, which is later used by Ultra Recall to update its stored copy of the file.  Ultra Recall does not maintain the "linkage" between the Info Item and the created temporary file after Ultra Recall is exited (either normally or abnormally, such as after Windows crashes).


In the event that Ultra Recall is abnormally terminated while stored content was being edited externally, the following procedure should be used to recover the externally edited changes into Ultra Recall:

1.Restart Windows
2.Restart Ultra Recall
3.Open all Info Databases (simultaneously) that had Info Items being externally edited at the time of the unexpected termination
4.Navigate to each Info Item that was being edited, begin external editing of the each Info Item, then close the external application.


Continue step #4 for all appropriate Info Items, as you navigate each the Info Item will be updated from the previously edited temporary file for that Info Item.


Warning: Ultra Recall deletes all temporary files created when the last instance of Ultra Recall is normally terminated.  You must follow the above procedure before you exit Ultra Recall after initially restarting it, or the modified temporary files will be deleted.

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