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Focus Rectangle

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The Focus Rectangle is the dotted rectangle outlining the current position in the active Selection Pane.




In the image above, the focus rectangle is on the Contacts Info Item, while the selection is on the Benefits Info Item.  The dotted rectangle is clearly visible (exploded for easier viewing).


Typically the Focus Rectangle matches the selection (the highlighted items).  This is always the case when navigating or selecting Info Items with the mouse, except for multiple selection, when only the last selected Info Item is in the Focus Rectangle.


When navigating with the keyboard, you can position the Focus Rectangle to a different location than the selection, by holding the Ctrl key while navigating within a Selection Pane with the arrow keys.


Actions only available for single selection.  Any action that only honors single selection will always use what is specified by the Focus Rectangle (regardless of the selection).  This includes:

Paste Special
Open Item
Open Document
Select All