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Enhanced Zip Files Action Zip Tab

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This tab of the Enhanced Zip Files action specifies the output file and the input files to be added or updated.


Action: The action to perform on the file:

Add always adds any matching files (if the output file does not already exist, it will be created).
Update adds any new files to the output file and replaces any existing items that have been modified more recently than their corresponding version in the output file (if the file does not already exist, it is created).
Freshen replaces only existing items in the output file, and only those that were modified more recently than the version in the output file (the output file is not created if it doesn't exist).
List lists files in the ZIP file.
Test tests files in the ZIP file.
Delete removes files and/or folders from an existing ZIP file.
Convert ZIP to SFX converts a ZIP file to SFX (self-extracting EXE).
Convert SFX to ZIP converts a SFX to a ZIP file.


Source folder: The source directory containing the files to add to the compressed file (optional, will use the current directory if not specified).  If converting to ZIP to SFX, specify the ZIP filename here.  If converting to SFX to ZIP, specify the EXE filename here.


Files to process: Used to specify files or folders to include or exclude when zipping (optional).


Include subfolders: Determines if subdirectories will be searched recursively for matching files.


Don't include path information for files in subfolders: If checked, the folder information for recursed folders is not stored in the output file.


Include empty subfolders: If checked, matching empty subdirectories will be created in the archive.


Save full path info: If checked, the full path of each file is stored in the compressed file.  If unchecked (the default), only relative paths of files in subfolders are stored in the output file.


Output file: The output file to add/update the files to (required).  To create a ZIP file, specify a filename with ZIP extension; to create a SFX (self-extracting executable), enter a filename with EXE extension.  If converting ZIP to SFX, enter the EXE filename here.  If converting SFX to ZIP, enter the ZIP filename here.