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Enhanced Zip Files Action Compression Tab

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This tab of the Enhanced Zip Files action specifies compression and encryption options.


Compression method: The compression method to use.  For JPEG method, the files to compress must be valid JPEG files.  For WAV method, files must be valid WAV files. Best method automatically selects the most appropriate compression method for compressing the file (JPEG files are compressed using JPEG recompression, WAV sound files are compressed using WavPack, and remaining file types are compressed using deflate).


Note: Some older ZIP utilities cannot read files compressed with methods other than Deflate.


Compression factor: A numeric value indicating the level of compression (required).  Can be a value between 0 (no compression) through 9 (maximum compression).


Password: Password to encrypt the compressed files in the ZIP file with.  The contents of each file in the output file will be encrypted.


Encryption method: Specifies the encryption method to use:

PKZIP 2.0-compatible: Uses standard encryption to secure the file using PKZip version 2.0 encryption.
128-, 192-, or 256-bit AES: Uses strong encryption to secure the .zip file using the PKZip version 5.1 Single Password AES Encryption format using 128, 192 and 256 bit key lengths.


Temp folder: Specifies the folder to write the temporary ZIP file to.


Comment: Specifies a comment to be stored in the output file (optional).