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Make VS.NET / Delphi Prism Properties Tab

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This tab of the Make VS.NET / Delphi Prism action is used to configure properties to be assigned to all projects.


Used to set the assembly properties in each project's AssemblyInfo file (for managed projects) and/or the properties in each project's resource file VERSIONINFO resource (for Visual C++.NET projects) to values that you specify.  This can be useful for quickly updating properties in an individual assembly or resource file, a single project, or all projects in a solution.  The following properties can be set (assembly/version info name listed): Description/Comments, Company/Company Name, Title/File Description, Copyright/Legal Copyright, Trademark/Legal Trademarks, Product/Product Name, Configuration/Private Build, Culture/Special Build.  Any or all the properties can be updated or cleared.  The files are only modified if the existing values differ from those specified.



To update properties in .NET Core projects from this action, you must add an AssemblyInfo file to the project and the following element to each project file:


<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">






The action can only set project versions and properties on web projects if the project is pointing to localhost as the server -- it can resolve that to a local filename for updating, but it can't update files accessible only via HTTP.