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Make VS.NET / Delphi Prism Options Tab

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This tab of the Make VS.NET / Delphi Prism action configures additional options.


MSBuild logging level: Specifies the MSBuild logging level for build output.  This option applies only when building Visual Studio 2005 and later and Delphi Prism projects or solutions with MSBuild.


Note: For Visual C++ 8.0 through 16.0 (VS2005 thru 2022) projects and solutions, full build output can be obtained by using a log level of Diagnostic or by specifying vcbuild or devenv in the Override field.


MSBuild parallel builds: Specifies the maximum number of projects to build in parallel (optional, up to the maximum number of CPU cores available on the system).  If blank, MSBuild will use all available cores to build projects in parallel (enter a value of 1 to disable parallel builds).  This option applies only when building Visual Studio 2008 and later and Delphi Prism solutions with MSBuild.


Note: For Visual C++ 8.0 (VS 2005) and later solutions, parallel builds can also be performed by choosing or entering devenv in the Override field below.  The maximum number of projects built in parallel will be determined by the value of Tools | Options | Project and Solutions | Build and Run | maximum number of parallel project builds in the Visual Studio IDE.


Additional command-line options: This action invokes the, msbuild.exe, or vcbuild.exe command-line program to perform builds, and this option can be used to specify additional flags to pass to the tool.  Details on the DEVENV flags are covered here.  The values entered in this field are passed through directly to the command-line program.


Override default DEVENV/MSBUILD/VCBUILD location: If this field is blank, the action will automatically locate the correct or msbuild.exe compiler, based on the version of the project or solution being built.  For Visual Studio 2005 and later and Delphi Prism, this action locates and calls msbuild.exe (installed with the .NET Framework 2.0 or later); for Visual Studio 2002/2003, it invokes the appropriate compiler for the specified project or solution version.



For Visual Studio 2005 and later or Delphi Prism, enter devenv in this field to force the project or solution to be built with rather than msbuild.exe. (required for solutions containing Setup & Deployment or Intel C++ Compiler projects, to workaround issues for projects that MSBuild fails to build, or to build VC++ projects in parallel).
To explicitly specify the compiler executable to use, enter a full path and filename for, msbuild.exe, or vcbuild.exe in this field to use that executable rather than the default.
To build with Xoreax IncrediBuild (v2.0 and later), enter the full path of BuildConsole.exe (usually C:\Program Files\Xoreax\IncrediBuild\BuildConsole.exe), and enter any IncrediBuild-specific switches in the Additional command-line options field.
To call the 64-bit version of msbuild.exe on 64-bit Windows from the 32-bit edition of Visual Build, enter the full path and filename of msbuild.exe in the desired Framework64 folder (i.e., C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\msbuild.exe).  To call the 32-bit version of msbuild.exe when running the 64-bit edition of Visual Build, enter the full path and filename of msbuild.exe in the desired Framework folder (i.e., C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\msbuild.exe).