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Enhanced Unzip Files Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Enhanced Unzip Files action specifies additional options.


Password: Password to decrypt the files in the archive file (optional).  This action can unencrypt ZIP files encrypted using Zip 2.0 password protection or Single Password Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) strong encryption (reading of WinZip version 9.0 AES-1 and AES-2 encrypted items using 128-, 192- and 256-bit key lengths is also supported).


Continue on warnings: If checked, the ZIP operation continues processing on all warning conditions.


Restore security descriptors: Indicates whether to restore any NTFS file security descriptors present in the archive.


Log files that are processed: If checked, any files extracted from the archive file will be logged.


Log progress: If non-zero value is provided here, the file progress (if logging files) or overall progress (if not logging files) is logged every x percent.