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StarTeam Action Options Tab

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This tab of the StarTeam action configures additional options.


File attributes: Specifies changes to file attributes (none, set read-only or make writeable).


Locking options: Specifies file locking options (none, lock exclusively, lock non-exclusively, or unlock).


Success codes: Specifies exit codes to treat as successful.  Possible exit codes are:

0 success
1 for failure
101 if at least one of the specified file patterns did not match
102 if none of the specified file patterns matched


For the diff command with the -e option in the following field, the exit codes can be:

0 if all the compared files are equivalent
1 if an error condition occurs
2 if at least one file is different


Additional options: Use this field to enter any additional stcmd.exe command-line options to be added to the call that is constructed.  Use this to supply flags that are not explicitly supported via the action fields (see the StarTeam User's Guide [Using the stcmd Command-line Interface section] or StarTeam Command-line Tools Help for details on the available command-line flags).


Location of StarTeam executable: If not specified, the action locates stcmd.exe automatically.  If the action is unable to locate the stcmd.exe command-line tool or multiple versions are installed, enter the full drive+path+filename to stcmd.exe here.