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StarTeam Action Global Options Tab

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This tab of the StarTeam action configures global options.


Quiet mode: Suppresses progress reporting. Without this option, messages about each action appear on the screen as the action is performed.


Batch mode: Switches to batch mode.  If checked, no interactive error messages are displayed.


No logo: Suppresses the copyright notice.


Halt execution at first error: Halts execution of the command-line when the first error is encountered. Without this option, execution continues despite errors.


Case-sensitive folder names: When the command maps the folder specified on the Server tab to the underlying folder, this checkbox causes the command to differentiate folders based on the case-sensitive spelling of their names. For example, with this option checked, folders named doc and Doc are recognized as different folders. With this option unchecked, either of these folders could be recognized as the "doc" folder.


Note: This option has nothing to do with case-sensitivity of file names.


Apply command to all files needing checkin: Self-explanatory.


Do not move labels if already attached: Self-explanatory.


Force check in/out: Self-explanatory.


Mark change request fixed, requirement complete, or task finished: Self-explanatory.


End-of-line conversion: Determines whether end-of-line conversion is performed for text files.


File status filter: Specifies the file statuses that the command applies to.