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Perforce Action Command Tab

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This tab of the Perforce action is for configuring information about the command to be performed.


Command: The command to perform on the depot (required).  See the Perforce / Helix Core Command Reference for a description and details on each command's syntax.


Special Processing

The Perforce action implements extra pre- and/or post-processing for certain actions:


For a change command, the program output is parsed for the string Change list 999 created., and if found the change list number is stored in the temporary macro P4_CHGLIST.


The change, submit, client, and label commands require supplying a form of inputs related to the command unless the item is being deleted.  The Perforce action will add the -i command-line option and submit the appropriate form information from the Change List or Client Spec/Label tabs to P4 standard input.  This prevents P4 from opening the form in an editor and allow the process to be automated.  When using the change command to create a changelist or when submitting and providing the changelist information, the fields on the Change List tab should be provided and this box checked.   When using the client or labelcommand or to create or update a client specification or label, this box should be checked and the fields on the Client Spec/Label tab provided (not all of the fields are required, see the Perforce documentation for details).


For a submit command, 1) if the Revert unchanged before submitting option is checked, before issuing the submit command, a p4 revert -a command is performed to revert any files that haven't changed (otherwise Perforce might add a change in the depot for files that have not changed; see the P4 revert command documentation for details), 2) if the Folders/Files to process field is empty, a p4 opened -c changelist# [files...] or p4 opened -c default [files...] (if no change list is specified) command is issued to retrieve a list of open files in the pending changelist (see the P4 opened command docs for details); this list is then used to populate the Files list of the submit form (or if the changelist is now empty and the revert option was checked, the changelist is deleted if a changelist number was specified, or the submit action is skipped if the default changelist was specified).


Folders and/or files to process: Many of the Perforce commands require one or more files or folders to operate on.  The folders or files are entered in this field, one per line.  See File Specifications for details on supported file specifications.


Change List #/Client/Label: Specifies a change list number, client name, or label name for the command (optional for most commands).


Note: For the opened command, if this field is empty, the command will operate on the default changelist; to perform an opened command across all changelists, enter * in this field.


Show properties instead of updating: If checked, the form properties for the given command are logged.  If unchecked, the action creates or updates the form properties for that command as specified on the Client Spec/Label or Change/Form Fields tabs.


Perform delete operation: Enabled only for commands supporting delete (client, change, fix, and label).  If checked, adds the -d flag to delete the item rather than submitting a form to create or update the item.


Revert unchanged before submitting: Applies only to the submit command; first performs a revert command to discard any unchanged open files.


Note: The Folders and/or files field must be empty for this option to be enabled.


Additional command options: Allows for any additional command options to be entered and passed through to P4.