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Newsgroup Post Action Message Tab

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This tab of the Newsgroup Post action configures information about the message being sent.


From: The from email address to use on the message (optional).  To include a name with the address, use the format "Person's Name" <>.


Newsgroups: Newsgroups to post the message to; separate multiple newsgroups with a comma (required).


Subject: Subject of the message (optional).


Message: Text of the message (optional).


Send as HTML: If checked (the Message field should contain HTML), the message body is marked as HTML instead of plain text.


Attachments: List of files to attach to the message, each on its own line (optional).  If XML logging is used and you wish to send the log file as an attachment from a within the build, the closing document tags must first be added to the log file so it will be a valid XML document (they aren't added by Visual Build until after the last step completes).  This is demonstrated in the Logging.bld sample.