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Make VC6 Action Versions Tab

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This tab of the Make VC6 action configures version and base address information to be set for all projects.


Increment Version: The increment version option will increment the project version only if the project is built.  This ensures that your installs work correctly and copy updated files when comparing the file version.  After building or rebuilding a project, the action compares the original timestamp of the target executable with the timestamp after building.  If it has changed, the version in the project's RC file(s) is incremented and the project is built again (the second build will just recompile the resources and link).  The FileVersion and/or ProductVersion fields (both the raw and string values) are incremented.  Normally, the 4th value (sometimes called the Build number) is incremented, but the 3rd value (sometimes called the Revision number) can be incremented instead by checking that checkbox.


Set Version: The set version option will set the project version to the specified value.  This is useful if you want your executables to be marked with a specific build number.  The version should be entered in the format (e.g., The version in the project's RC file(s) is updated before building.  The raw version will be stored in the required "9, 9, 9, 9" format, while the string version will be stored exactly as entered.


When using the Increment or Set Version radio button, either one or both of the File or Product version checkboxes should be checked to indicate which version(s) to increment or set.


Note: To set a different value for the two version fields, create two Make VC6 Action steps for a single project/workspace, with the first having its Don't build field checked; then set the file version field in one step and the product version in the other.  These steps could be placed in a subroutine and called multiple times if this functionality was needed for multiple projects or workspaces.


Base Address:  This action supports setting the base address of DLL and OCX projects.  Normally all projects are set to the same default address, requiring most of the DLLs to be "rebased" when they are loaded into a process.  By setting the base address on each project, your application will run faster since the relocation is eliminated.


If Random value is selected, a random address will be chosen for each project and the project file will be updated with that value (this is only done if the value is still set to its default value, so after the first time this is set it will not be changed again when a project is built again).  Since there are over 24,000 unique base addresses available, the likelihood is very good that each component loaded into a single process will get a unique address.


If Set to a specific value is selected, the base address for the project will be set to that value (it must be in the range 1000000 to 7000000 hex).  This option should only be used for single projects, not workspaces.  This option updates or creates the /base option in the project's link step.