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Manifest Generator Action Settings Tab

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This tab of the Manifest Generator action specifies general settings.


Minimum version allowed: The minimum version of this application a user can run (optional, deployment manifests only). This option makes the named version of your application a required update; if you release a version of your product with an update to a breaking change or a critical security flaw, you can use this flag to specify that this update must be installed, and that the user cannot continue to run previous versions.  If no version is specified, Mage.exe will use the version listed in the ClickOnce deployment manifest as specified by the -Version flag.


Reference URI: Inserts a URL or file path reference to the application manifest file (optional, deployment manifests only). This file must be the full path to the application manifest.


Publisher name: The name of the publisher (optional).


Support URL: Application support URL (optional).


Application update URL: Specifies the URL which ClickOnce will examine for application updates (optional, deployment manifests only).


Include provider URL: Whether to include the application update URL.


Install application on local machine: Indicates whether or not the ClickOnce application should install onto the local machine, or whether it should run from the Web (deployment manifests only). Installing an application gives that application a presence in the Windows Start menu.  If you specify the Minimum version option and a user has a version less than that installed, it will force the application to install, regardless of whether this is checked.


WPF browser app: Indicates whether this is a WPF browser application (deployment manifests only).