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Manifest Generator Action Manifest Tab

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This tab of the Manifest Generator action specifies package settings.


Command: The command to perform (required).


Filename: The manifest filename (required).  For the New command, specifies the type (deployment or application).


Application name: Identity of the application (optional).  ClickOnce will use this name to identify the application in the Start menu (if the application is configured to install itself) and in Permission Elevation dialog boxes. If no name is supplied, the default is "deploy".


Version: The version of the deployment (optional, deployment and application manifests only). Must be a valid version string of the format "N.N.N.N", where "N" is an unsigned 32-bit integer. The default value is "".


Processor: The microprocessor architecture on which this distribution will run (optional, deployment and application manifests only). Required if you are preparing one or more installations whose assemblies have been precompiled for a specific microprocessor. Default is msil, or Microsoft Intermediate Language, which means all of your assemblies are platform-independent, and the common language runtime (CLR) will just-in-time compile them when your application is first run.


Application manifest file: Inserts a reference to a deployment's application manifest into its deployment manifest (optional, deployment manifests only).