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InstallShield Action Options Tab

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This tab of the InstallShield action specifies additional options.


Compression: This option is specific to Windows Installer projects. It specifies whether the release is compressed into one file or remains uncompressed in multiple files.  If Default is chosen for a release that already exists, the configuration is based on what was specified in the InstallShield interface. If the parameter is omitted for a new release, the files remain uncompressed.


Create setup.exe: For Windows Installer-based projects, this field specifies whether to create a Setup.exe along with the installation. For merge module projects, choosing Don't create will cause the merge module to be built and then copied to the merge modules folder, and Create will cause the merge module to only be built but not copied to the merge modules folder.



Build tables only: Builds only the Windows Installer tables for your release. If you have not built this installation already, a new .msi file is created, but no files are added to your installation. If you have built your installation already, the .msi file is updated when all the tables are built, but, again no files are transferred. Ideally, this option is to be used to test the user interface of your installation.
Build tables and refresh: Builds the Windows Installer tables and refreshes files. This option rebuilds your .msi file and updates the Files table, including any new or changed files in your installation. Changed files are updated only if the size or time stamp differs from the copy already included in the build. References to deleted files are removed from the installation, but the file remains in the build location. This type of build can be run only after a complete build has been performed, and it works only when the media is an uncompressed network image.
Compile only Setup.rul/Setup.inx: Compiles only Setup.rul and streams Setup.inx into the Binary table of the .msi package, if one was previously built.


Do not compile setup.rul: Check this option if you do not want Setup.rul compiled as part of the build process.


Merge module search path: Specifies any folders that contain merge module (.msm) files referenced by your project (optional, one per line).


Note: The above option applies only to InstallShield v2008 and later.


Override InstallShield command-line executable: Overrides the default location for the InstallShield executable (optional).  If blank, the compiler is located automatically based on the product version chosen on the InstallShield tab.  Use this field to specify the InstallShield StandAlone compiler or to specify the executable filename if the action is unable to locate it or multiple versions are installed.  For InstallShield Professional, this should be the path+filename for IsBuild.exe (the same path will be used and combined with Compile.exe for the first step).


Additional options for to pass to InstallShield: Use this field to enter any additional command-line flags to be passed to the InstallShield command-line compiler (optional).


Additional options for Compile.exe: Use this field to enter any additional command-line flags to be passed to the Compile.exe command-line compiler (optional).  This field is used only for InstallShield Professional, which has a two-step compilation (first Compile.exe, then IsBuild.exe).  This option field specifies any additional flags for the first step.