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InstallShield Action Options (More) Tab

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This tab of the InstallShield action specifies additional options.


Build location: The fully qualified path to the folder where you want the output folders and files to be placed (optional, does not apply to PackageForTheWeb).


Media name: Media name to compile (applies only for InstallShield Professional scripts).


Release: The release name as specified in the Release Wizard (optional, does not apply to PackageForTheWeb).


Options that apply only to Professional, Premier, Developer, and DevStudio:


Release flags: Specifies any release flags that you would like to include in your release. Separate multiple flags with commas (optional).


Patch config: If provided, builds a standard patch specified in the InstallShield Patch Design view (optional).


Note: The above option applies only to InstallShield v2009 and later.


Treat warnings as errors: Treats warnings that occur during the build process as errors. Each warning increments the error count by one..


Stop on error condition: If you want the build to stop when it encounters an error, check this option. If you want the build to stop when it encounters a warning, use this parameter in conjunction with warnings option.