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Dimensions Server Tab

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This tab of the Dimensions action configures server information.


Connection name: The name of the connection (optional).  An existing connection string associated with stored connection parameters (created either by an earlier invocation of this command or by use of the "Previous Connections" field in the remote login dialog box).


User name: The operating system user name of your account on the server (optional).


Password: The password of your operating system user name account on the server (optional).


Server: The host name of the server (optional).


Database identifier: The database identifier (optional).


Data source name: The data source name for connecting to your remote database (optional).


Parameter file: Specifies a file containing the above parameters. The file must be specified using the full directory path. This file has a format similar to the following example:

-user dmsys

-pass xxx

-host server1

-dbname intermediate

-dsn PC50