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Dimensions Command Tab

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This tab of the Dimensions action configures command settings.


Command: The command to perform (optional).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list.  See the Dimensions Command-Line Reference for more details on the available commands.


ID / Name / Spec / Set / Format: The ID, name, spec, set, format, etc. for the command (optional).


Status: Specifies the new status to be given either to the baseline itself or to every item revision in the subset identified above (optional). Unless you hold the PRODUCT-MANAGER role, this status must be reachable from the current status (of each object to be actioned) by a single lifecycle transition.  If omitted, the new status is the next normal lifecycle state for each object.


Working directory: This specifies the working directory for the command that is executed (optional).  If the field is left empty, the user's current working folder settings will be used instead.


Command file: Specifies a file containing several Dimensions commands to be executed (optional). The filename must be specified using the full directory path.